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Explore our range of recreational bikes at our Perth shop. From traditional road bikes to hybrid, touring, and urban bikes. We are authorized dealers for Scott, Fuji, Giant, and more.

Perth Recreational Bikes

At our store, we offer more than just traditional road bikes with drop handlebars. We have a wide selection of recreational bikes to suit various preferences and needs. Our collection includes hybrid bikes, which provide a versatile option for different terrains and riding styles. We also have flat bar bikes, perfect for those seeking a more comfortable and upright riding position. For enthusiasts looking for speed and performance, we carry triathlon/time trial bikes designed for racing against the clock. If you’re planning long-distance adventures, our touring bikes are ideal for exploring the open road. Urban bikes are available for convenient commuting in the city, and we even have cruisers for those seeking a laid-back and relaxed riding experience. Explore our range of recreational bikes and find the perfect match for your style and enjoyment.

An atx in vibrant blue color, with a brand sticker named giant on the frame and equipped with aluxx aluminum from perth recreational bikes.

Featured Bikes

An atx 3 bike in black color, with a brand sticker named giant on the frame and giant tires.

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We carry more comprehensive stock in store as we are Perth Scott dealers, Perth Fuji dealers, Perth Giant dealers as well as many other manufacturers so please call or visit.


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