Ebike Conversions

Convert your traditional bike to an Ebike?

Experience the benefits of an E-bike without breaking the bank! Upgrade your current bike into a modern E-bike with our expert e-bike conversion service. Our team specializes in transforming your bike into an electric wonder, using top-quality batteries and accessories for long-lasting performance. Say goodbye to ordinary cycling and embrace the extraordinary with our high-quality E-bike conversions.

A giant electric motor ebike conversions in gray color with a brand sticker named giant on the frame, equipped with a water bottle cage and a bike stand.
A girl holding a black electric bike with a color combination of brown and white dog sitting in the backseat.

Daily Commute

Save on transportation expenses by converting your existing bike into an E-bike! Our cost-effective E-kit installation starts from just $990, with an approximate installation cost of $200. By choosing ebike conversion over buying a new E-bike, you have more options and can customize according to your needs. Unlock the full potential of your reliable ride and explore the extensive selection of conversion options available.

Versatility and Battery Flexibility in Ebike Conversions

Opting for an Ebike conversion provides versatility and flexibility in battery selection. Unlike factory E-bikes, which have specific battery cavity sizes, converting your bike allows you to adapt to different battery sizes and stay up-to-date with the latest battery advancements. Enjoy optimal performance and take advantage of cutting-edge technology by choosing an E-bike conversion that suits your needs.

Ebike conversions

The global supply issues during COVID times have shown us we cannot be reliant on what options we have from the manufacturers, so why not have more options by converting your beloved bike?

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