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A toughroad slr 1 adventure road bike in knight shield color, with a brand sticker named giant on the frame and giant tires adventure bikes.Explore new horizons with adventure bikes, your trusty companions for discovering uncharted paths. Designed for touring and commuting, these bikes feature sturdy wheels and tires that excel on rough surfaces. Equipped with disc brakes and ample tire clearance, they offer stability and control on different terrains. Adventure bikes strike the perfect balance between speed and endurance, catering to both road enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. Embrace new experiences, conquer diverse terrains, and expand your cycling possibilities with confidence and ease on your adventure bikes.

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What is a gravel bike?

A revolt advanced pro 1 road bike in black color with a brand sticker named giant on the frame.

Gravel bikes have gained popularity among cycling enthusiasts for their unmatched capabilities and versatility.

These bicycles are purposefully crafted to tackle an extensive array of terrains, surpassing the capabilities of adventure bikes or cyclocross bikes. One of the distinguishing features. Their ability to accommodate far fatter tires. Typically, these tires range from 28 mm up to 45 mm, providing ample cushioning and traction on various surfaces.

Equipped with disc brakes it offer reliable stopping power, allowing riders to navigate challenging and steep terrain with confidence. Their design and components make them suitable for a multitude of conditions and surfaces, including gravel roads, bridal tracks, farm tracks, and more. However, it’s worth noting that while they excel in most terrains, gravel bikes may struggle when confronted with thick mud, as they are not specifically optimized for such conditions.

This are the perfect companions for off-road riding adventures. Their robust construction and wider tires enable riders to conquer rough and unpredictable terrain with ease. Whether you’re exploring scenic countryside trails, embarking on adventurous circuits, or tackling challenging loops, these bikes offer a thrilling and dynamic experience.

Western Australia (WA) boasts a variety of circuits and loops that cater to gravel bike enthusiasts. One notable route is the Bibbulmun Track, a renowned trail that provides an exhilarating ride through the captivating landscapes of WA. Cyclists can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region while enjoying the performance and reliability.

In conclusion, gravel bikes have become a popular choice for off-road cycling due to their ability to handle tough and diverse terrains. With their wider tires, disc brakes, and versatility, these bikes offer an exciting riding experience across multiple surfaces. However, it’s important to remember that gravel bikes are less suitable for tarmac riding. So, if you’re seeking thrilling adventures and unforgettable cycling journeys through WA’s remarkable terrain, consider grabbing a gravel bike and exploring the incredible circuits and loops available, including the breathtaking Bibbulmun Track.

Cyclemania has a range of these bikes including models from Giant and Norco

Feel free to chat to our knowledgeable staff about the correct bike for your needs and you can take a look at them in person and even go for a test ride to see what suits.

We stock models including the Norco search C ultegra, Norco search c 105, Norco search XR Rival, Norco search XR 105, giant tough road SLR and giant tough road SLR gx.


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