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Just wanting to give you some feedback.  I dropped my Giant OCR in there Tuesday Morning for a gear tune.  I get a call an hour later that it’s all done already.

That’s pretty good, but the impressive part is that I have taken that bike to 2 other shops to get the gears working properly, some have been close, but every now and then it would miss or skip a gear and sometimes it would throw the chain. I did everything to try and stop this even looking at how I rode and how I changed gears, chain lube etc. I live in the hills so we use our gears a lot, and it would just become frustrating. I took it back to one shop 3 times to try and get it right. Like I said, they all could get it NEARLY right.

So anyway $30.00 at Cycle mania and maybe 1 hour, I got a bike back that changes gears perfectly. I have never been happier.

I have 5 other bikes (wife’s Azzuri, Son’s Avanti Road bike, Trek Mountain bike another Giant Mountain bike and my Cannondale Mountain bike. These will all be coming into Cyclemania for service and tunes from now on, oh and the old OCR!



You repaired / serviced my wife’s SRAM Red gears on her Guerciotti recently.
Another shop had already tried 3 times previously to rectify the skipping, not full movement and pushing into spokes problems.
Just wanted to say the wife is very pleased and very happy that she now has confidence everything is working exactly how it is supposed to.
All gear movement is back to crisp movement.
Thank you

Darren Williams

Recently you made a wonderful donation towards the Coolbinia Primary School P&C Fundraising Quiz Night. Thank you so very much!
We could not have achieved our amazing total without you, and your fabulous support. The entire school is so grateful for your contribution! Sincere thanks, once again.

Christine Jordan, Coolbinia Primary School P&C

Just letting you know I am absolutely loving my Defy Advanced 2 I purchased from you earlier this year for riding around Bali. Took a bit to get used to after MTB for so many years as you mentioned, but when I am riding I can’t wipe the smile off my face.

Tim White
Over several years of service and sales, we have had excellence. Nick has been outstanding and very helpful with his time

Marg Dunne & Mike Day
I am writing to you today because I wanted to make you aware of some excellent customer service that I received lately in your store…..I took my pump in and met Aaron. He was a polite and friendly guy right from the beginning. I was EXTREMELY pleased with is dedication and enthusiasm for fixing my pump. He spent quite some time trying many options until he figured out what exactly was causing the leak…
I will certainly be recommending both Aaron and your store to friends within my cycling group in the future. I appreciate your service and hope that this finds Aaron in good spirits.
Anyway thanks again,

Simon Rattenbury
Hi Wayne, a big thank you for setting up my bike on Friday. Did a triathlon today and it felt like I was on a different bike. Amazed at how much more comfortable the ride was and how much faster I was able to go.

Stacey Schaulat

What a pleasant surprise it was yesterday to visit your bike shop yesterday for the first time to be surrounded by a team of friendly experts.
I couldnt believe I was getting some great value conti gatorskin tyres fitted for the same price as online. For an amateur cyclists, buying things cheap online still leaves the problems of trying to fit it. It is so refreshing to find a unique shop that pays so much attention to you, make you feel at home, give free tips and advice and still be able to provide very competive pricing and services.

I will definitely be coming back for more upgrades in future and will be recommending your shop to work mates and friends. Say thanks, to your staff, I cant remember his name for recommending the cheaper but better and incredible good handle end grip. See that is another thing about your shop not trying to sell anything for a fast buck.


Hi Wayne – Just wanted to start by saying – thanks so much for helping me out last week with a Bike Fit. Damn good outcome – you’re a legend.

Went for a 50 min ride Saturday afternoon. Pretty much no pain. Only time was 5 mins from home when I was accelerating (out of the saddle) at an intersection and it went away pretty much as soon as I sat down. The rest of the time, I could feel ‘something’ but no pain. No feelings like I had been getting….Am so damn happy.

I can’t say how much this has made my year. Am keen now to give training a good go this Spring/Summer and see what happens…..

Peter Dimond

“Thanks so much for helping me out at the “11th hour” prior to the masters track nationals here in Perth. Our only connection was the supplier in Vic and yet you “took me in” when you had a full service schedule (thanks Barry you understood my need!), checked out my high performance disc wheel (thanks Mitch under Richard’s supervision) and then proceeded to give me some free advice on warm up for my race (thanks Mitch). Bumped into and met friendly owner Wayne in the car park afterwards…..just all a really good experience…..could then ride my heart out in my first ever 2000m pursuit knowing I had a happy front disc! PS Gold and new Aussie record for 55-59 age group! Happy girl!”


“I just wanted to say a big thank you to your team for their friendly efficient service – in particular to your bike mechanic who serviced my mountain bike recently. The bike runs like a dream and the individual assistance is really noted & appreciated.  Keep up the good work!”

Roy Bredenkamp

“Thank you very much Cyclemania Crew for your persistence and help in getting Josh’s warranty claim with Giant completed.
I appreciated the progress updates and your willingness to provide another bike. Please also extend our thanks to Giant for the brilliant support for their product.
We are Giant riders for “life” now and are telling our mates too so thanks again to all concerned.”

Best regards Greg and Josh Down

“I bought my first road bike from CycleMania in North Perth on Saturday. The shop owner (Wayne) spent hours with me setting everything up, showing me how to change a tyre, and teaching me about cycling.
It was obvious to me the shop is more of a community than a simple bike shop, most people that came in knew the shop owners by name and some stopped by just for a chat. The staff were all very happy to be at work and are all as passionate about cycling as the owner.
I’ll definitely be going there for my future cycling needs!”


“Went to the shop yesterday just to ask a question and Richard was out the front. He asked about my bike then had a look at it then said I needed to get this adjusted etc etc. And did it all as I was standing there. And he was about to go home, wife waiting.
So impressed with the friendly nature and the service that I thought I should buy something so spent a bit on some new Garne shoes.Service does help business.”

Darren McPartland, Christ Church Grammar School Head of Health and Physical Education

“Over the past couple of weeks I’ve had my bike, then wheels in for service at Cyclemania….just wanted to give some positive feedback. The guys did a great job of working on my bike and really followed through with a bit of a pain in the neck job with a pair of my HED wheels.
They completed the work the promised and kept me up to date with feedback from suppliers etc. Thanks”

Luke Ellis

“I would like to say that each time I have come into the shop the boys have been great … no bull just good honest advice and good product knowledge… this is not the closest shop to me but is definately the shop that I go to from my initial good experience … some shops have been to stuck up and left me feeling like if I wasn’t a lycra clad racer then I was nobody … I know good staff are hard to get but it seems not the case in your shop …keep it up …”

Greg Youdale

“Would like to give many thanks to the team at Cyclemania. Sam initially greeted me and helped me decide which type of bike would suit – a 29er. Its pretty spot-on for what i need. His service and knowledge was excellent, especially considering the lack of service at a previous shop who told me nothing about 29ers… On subsequent visits all the staff were very helpful and efficient, with the resulting purchase fitting my needs completely.
Looking forward to my next ride! Thanks heaps!”

Hayden Watkins

“I bought my first road bike from you back in April (super6) and have been loving it ever since. I recently brought my bike back into the store to have it fitted properly and Nick did a great job. I have been out riding a few times since and it has made a huge difference to my comfort and pace.

So just wanted to say thanks. See you on the road!”

Jason Kiely

“I ordered a new road bike through Wayne after giving him a thorough grilling on all my options and determining the best bike for me (he even talked me down from a higher price point). I settled on a new model in high demand so I had to wait a month for it to arrive.  However, when delivery week fell due (yesterday) I received a call saying the supplier had only given them half the bikes they were expecting, and the next shipment was not due until late Feb.  Bummer.

I went in to see Wayne again today to discuss my options, disappointed that I could not get my preferred option (I was not prepared to wait another two months).  Even though it was not his fault, Wayne bent over backwards to help me find an alternative.  I left the store with an absolute bargain on an alternative bike that I am even happier with than my original selection.

Thanks Wayne, you really did go out of your way to make sure I had a positive experience in the end.  You answered all of my questions honestly and have a tremendous amount of product knowledge.  In this industry everyone sells the same bits and pieces for roughly the same price.  To me the only thing that can separate stores is the level of service, and I can’t score you anything less than 5/5 in that department”

Damian Grose

“I purchased a Hybrid Bike today (4th Dec) and the person that served me was so helpful!!! He helped me choose the right bike that suits my activities. He even showed me how to remove the front tyre and helped me put it in my car. I was very grateful!! You don’t see customer service like that these days.

Thank you so much :-)”

Christine Matthews

“I just wanted to quickly thank Aaron for his excellent service last week in helping me choose a bike.  I am very happy with my Cannondale CAAD 8 and enjoying riding it.

Aaron’s help and service was outstanding, Cyclemania was the 3rd bike shop which I had visited to purchase a bike; He was the only sales person to actively help me purchase a bike and help me choose the best bike for the money I was looking to spend. The other shops I had been to were all trying to sell me cheaper bikes (I don’t understand either when I was happy to spend what I did). Aaron also had a very good knowledge of the products he was selling which was great after one of the stores I had been to.

Thanks again Aaron and Cyclemania.”


“I am writing to express my gratitude for the outstanding service I received at your store on Saturday 13 November. My partner picked up my bike on Monday 8th November…

After riding it to work on Friday – it felt a little small and awkward. I was unsure what to do but called your store on Saturday and was told to come in with the bike and they would sort me out.

…..After chatting with Aaron and explaining my situation, I was so impressed with the help he gave me. After finding the ladies small was a better fit, the colour and model I wanted wasn’t in stock so Aaron again helped and got me to try some more bikes, including a men’s bike which turned out to be an even more comfortable fit for me.

I ended up with a better model bike, in a better size and Aaron gave me a substantial discount for upgrading to the better model. The end result is that I left your store with a bike that fits me perfectly, is the colour I wanted and after my ride to work this morning, I can say is a great pleasure to ride.

I’m so grateful for Aaron’s help. He definitely went out of his way to help me and I feel certain that I wouldn’t have got that level of service elsewhere. I have already told friends about your store and will be seeing you in the further for all my cycling needs.”


“I recently had my first service for a single speed Giant Bowery which I purchased late-ish last year… I spoke to Nick who took every little detail into account…

The bikes was, in a word, perfect. Quiet smooth pedaling, true wheels and frankly, better adjusted than the factory condition I purchased the bike in. Whomever the mechanic who serviced the bike did excellent work.

I’m a bit of a stickler for service as I supervise an IT Service desk of 10 technicians for a large State Government Department. When I’m given outstanding service I let someone know, when I’m not I do the same.

Your team does customer service right! Outstanding work.”


“Thought I would send you a thank you for the time and effort you put into setting up the bike. The set up is fantastic (extremely comfortable riding position) and more than happy with the feel and performance of the bike.

I was relaying to my brother the thorough process you put into setting up the riding position. He had a very different experience when he purchased his bike through another dealer and was provided with a very cursory effort in bike set up.

Please pass on my thanks to the staff of Cyclemania.”

Simon Hood