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Salice 006RW Sunglasses – Orange frame with blue lens

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Salice 006RW Sunglasses – Orange frame with blue lens (we have other colour options in online store)

Thanks to new and advanced technologies Salice have been able unify and apply more than one treatment into one lens, in order to create very high performance lenses for sports sunglasses and satisfy the most demanding customers with a lens that could have more than one function.
This lens includes 3 Lenses in one: mirror, hydrophobic and antireflective on the internal surface of the lens. A list of technical characteristics about this performance lens is below:
The treatment in the mirror surface reduces the reflective light and increases the filtering power of the lens. This treatment is both stylish and offers more protection from strong light.
Solar anti-reflective treatment is applied on the inside to aid visibility through increased clarity, for a higher level of comfort. With this lens, reflection from the inside is reduced to avoid disturbance generated by solar reflection.
This innovation was drawn from ophthalmic treatments, allowing the lens to be smooth like silk on the surface and repel finger marks, dirt and water. This treatment is very beneficial especially for training and translates into perfect vision.
RRP $149.00 web price $115.00

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