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Giant part 4

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Part 4 of Giant Bicycles Australia 7 part series on carbon fibre manufacturing. Great reading. See the Facebook page for previous episodes and we will be posting the new ones as they are released.


Q: What does the layup process entail?

A: The layup process is the second step in the composite frame construction process, and it’s where the mechanical engineers take over from the chemical engineers. Giant’s mechanical engineers designate really how the bike will ride, and how strong it will be, as well as how light it’s going to be.

The Pre-Preg sheets then go to the Lay-up room, where they are cut into swatches. To handcraft one composite Giant bicycle, more than 500 individual swatches are positioned onto “soft” frames.

Each swatch is a specific shape and size, and they must be precisely positioned by hand around the soft frame according to a “Lay-Up Schedule.” The exact “Lay up” is a top secret schedule determined by Giant’s mechanical engineers. Change any part of the layup, and you change the entire ride quality and structure of the bicycle. Quality control inspections during the layup ensure that doesn’t happen.

You can lay-up a swatch in one direction, and it’s designed to take on a specific form. When you lay-up in another direction, the swatch has high tensile strength. It has less flexibility, but it is more weight-bearing or load bearing.

In the case of Giant’s Advanced SL grade frames, Continuous Fiber Technology (CFT) is employed, using longer, larger – and therefore fewer – swatches of composite in the front triangle. With fewer pieces and junctions, the frames are up to 200 grams lighter, significantly stronger, and have greater vibration dampening properties. CFT is more expensive, and it’s more labour intensive – which is why it’s found only on our top of the line Advanced SL grade frames.

Stay tuned for the 5th edition of Composite Clinic next week!

Our stomping Grounds

Cyclemania owner and director of  Lion Sports Management, Wayne Evans is in Europe to assist Cameron Meyer prepare for the upcoming tour de Suisse and the tour de France. Last year, Wayne and his wife Melissa spent 3 months over in Andorra with Cameron and his brother Travis. This year Wayne has gone over to help Cameron get into top condition for the above mentioned races.

Wayne and Cameron can be seen daily along the roads of Andorra and Spain. Travis and Wes Sulzberger can be seen occasionally joining them on some epic mountain rides.

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  • Perth’s Newest BONT Dealer. Cyclemania are stockists for BONT cycling shoes. These are light stiff and very comfortable and can be tailored to your foot in a custom mold
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swim bike run

New Swim, Bike and Run training sessions from Cyclemania

Contact Pat Woolley on 0467 172 916 or Wayne Evans on 0411 860 106 for details and email Pat or Wayne for reservations

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CM shop flyer

We have a new shop ride starting March 2nd 2013

It has a new route as well as a page on our website where you can see the latest updates – – see HERE  or download the FLYER
Also see MAPMYRIDE for detailed route info

LATEST UPDATE - We are introducing a new group ride on Saturday mornings. In addition to the fast group and the moderate group, we now are running a dedicated beginners group, distance around 30-35 kilometers. The ride will leave from the shop at 6.30 and go around Kings Park. New rider’s welcome so please join us in this safe and supported environment

We also have updates on our FACEBOOK GROUP PAGE

CM shop ride

Cyclemania WA
We have a Perth Scott Bike demo day coming on the 22nd and 23rd of February

To be held Friday 22nd from 12-5 pm. Saturday 23rd from 7-11am

We will provide more details in the coming days.  Contact us to register for a demo bike

Xmas party

We went Go Karting at Ultra Fast Karts in Neerabup racing the the Twin Engine pro carts. This year the 2 girls Melissa and Natalie gave it a go with Wayne winning the fastest driver of the evening. Dinner was well awaited at Matsuri Japanese restaurant, where every one enjoyed the food and company.

scott road

Cyclemania are proud to announce that we are Perth’s newest SCOTT dealers.

Get the same bike as the Orica GreenEdge team. These bikes are the latest in cutting edge technology and have propelled the team to a highly successful season in 2012. We are also Perth Giant dealers and Cannondale dealers as well as OTHER manufacturers.2013 STOCK and MODELS ARRIVING IN-STORE NOW

See SCOTT BIKES for recent news and reasons why we stock these fantastic bikes. We also have 2013 stock of Giant bikes, Cannondale bikes and Felt Bikes.