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Name: Wayne
Position: Shop Owner
Profile: Road Cyclist

WayneWayne has been a member of the Northern Districts Cycling Club since 1992 and is actively promoting junior development in cycling. He was the manager of the Satalyst/Giant Racing Team, having started the team in 1998. It became the only registered pro team in WA and one of only 4 in Australia at a Continental level. Wayne and Melissa are the Directors of Lion Sports Management whereby Wayne is the manager of notable star cyclist on the international stage including Cameron Meyer and Sam Welsford. See website for details- lionsportsmanagement.com.

Wayne has officially received his accreditation as an approved UCI Rider Agent. Wayne sat the exam and subsequent practical work case in 2011 at the UCI headquarters in Switzerland. This accreditation enables Wayne to be legally permitted to act as a professional Cyclist’s agent and negotiate their contracts with the leading professional cycling teams of the world.

Wayne is a shareholder in Verve Cycling, who produce a power measuring device called InfoCrank. InfoCrank is one of the world’s leading power measuring devices for the bicycle world, and supply British Cycling and the AIS. Check out more info on facebook.com/VerveCycling or www.vervecycling.com.

Lastly Wayne is a level 2 accredited coach under CA and has coached many cyclists to national and state medals.

Name: Melissa
Position: Shop Owner
Profile: Recreational Rider

Melissa is Wayne’s wife and co-owner of Cyclemania. Her role is book-keeping and all things administrative. Melissa and Wayne became proud parents in 2014 therefore Melissa juggles working from home and being Mum. She loves to ride her bike for leisure and tries to keep up with Wayne and their little girl who love’s riding in her baby seat behind Dad.

Name: Barry
Position: Mechanics and Sales
Profile: Road Rider

Barry is a casual staff member and a father of three late teen boys. Barry is a passionate road cyclist and competed in his first road race over 30 years ago. He has represented WA in various National Senior Road Titles in the late 1980’s, up to 1990. During that time Barry was a regular scratch rider in all of the state’s major road handicap races.
Barry’s other interests include formula motor and moto GP racing and helping his boys develop in adulthood. Barry has 7 years industry experience and duties include bicycle mechanics, bike building and serving on the shop floor. The Cyclemania Saturday shop ride is run by Barry and he likes to assist beginner riders, hoping to give those new to the sport the benefit of his experience. Make yourself know to Barry if you are new to the shop ride or have just come back to it after a break. Currently Barry runs his Power Based Interval Sessions on his Wattbike. This is a stationary bike that measures power output, gives information about pedal parameters and other power based training and research. For more information find details on Power Based Interval training HERE or contact Cyclemania on 9444 3483 and speak to Barry.

Name: Jayden
Position: Mechanic & Sales
Profile: Road Rider


Jayden started cycling 5 years ago and commenced racing A grade open from the start of 2016 with a few top 10 results already in the summer crits. He was a state representative in 2014/2015 and is currently a Satalyst Verve team member. Jayden is a cycling tech head who is always into the latest gadgets and technology.