Gravel bikes & Adventure bikes

Adventure & Gravel Bikes from Cyclemania in North Perth

Feel like something a little bit more technical or adventurous than road riding but not  interested in a full mountain bike experience? Cyclemania has a range of gravel and adventure bikes including models from Giant and Norco. Feel free to chat to our knowledgeable staff about the correct bike for your needs and you can take a look at them in person and even go for a test ride to see what suits.

What is an adventure road bike?

An adventure bike is useful for heading off road but in areas with less technical features. They also very useful for touring or commuting as have very strong wheels and tyres and can handle rougher terrain than a road bike. Typically they will have disc brakes and bigger tyre clearance so you can ride wider more comfortable tyres. Therefore they are very useful for both road riding and light off-road riding if you do a combination of both.

What is a gravel bike?

These take a far fatter tyre than adventure bike or even a cyclocross bike. Typically they go from 28 mm up to 45 mm and are designed to right across relatively tough and steep terrain. These also have disc brakes. They are great for conditions across multiple types of terrain including bridal tracks and farm tracks as well as of course gravel, but won’t deal with thick mud as well. These bikes are more suitable if you do off-road riding has will not cope with the tarmac as well. There are some great circuits and loops to ride these bikes in WA including the bibbulmun track.