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The Numbers Game – InfoCrank Cycling Power Meters.

For professional golfers, numbers rule. Their livelihood depends on them. The difference between winning and losing could come down to whether you have the right numbers or the wrong ones. That’s definitely the case for Brett Rumford, 6-time European Tour winner. It’s all about the numbers.

For proof of this, just look at Brett’s final tee shot in the ISPS Handa Super 6 Perth International last week. He knew the numbers: Par 3. 134 meters to the pin. Deep bunker 3 meters to the left. Subtract 9 meters for the tailwind. Subtract 6 for the air temperature. Subtract 10 meters of elevation. The numbers tell him he needs to hit a ¾ pitching wedge. The result? Brett’s ball landed within a meter of the hole. Victory was secured that instant in front of the home crowd.

Brett puts the same emphasis on numbers into his passion for the bike. He has to have accurate power measurements every time he clicks in and pushes off, or else, why ride? Time is precious for a professional athlete as it is for you the working / family man. And so he makes the most of it.

That’s why Brett chooses InfoCrank – so he can accurately measure his output to the watt and maximize his riding time when not on the course. When on the bike, he rides to a specific power number so he knows he’s training effectively and efficiently. That’s the power of power.

Numbers equal results. Information equals speed. So, like Brett, get the right information and get the most out of your rides with InfoCrank.

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