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The bicycle power meter InfoCrank, choice of the successful British Cycling Team has arrived – buy and test instore! Perth’s best cycle powermeter. At Cyclemania we can advise on the best infocrank model that fits your bike as well as install and maintain the bicycle powermeter.

The Great Britain Cycling Team will use the data that is available from the InfoCrank to continue to give them the edge as they strive to remain the world’s single most successful cycling team. Read more HERE.

One of the best cycle powermeters on the market. It is bilateral, has no temperature drift and doesn’t need to be recalibrated. Accurate and reliable, robust and user friendly – this cycling power meter is integrated into beautifully designed crank arms and measures power independently on both left and right legs.

So buy your next cycling power meter in Perth at Cyclemania

 Advantages of the InfoCrank Cycling Power Meter


You need a power meter for your bike that works every day, no matter where the adventure may take you. InfoCrank is IPX7 rated, meaning you could ride it submerged in a stream without any water ingress issues. You’ll get a perfect stream of data in all sorts of crazy conditions – from the heat of Perth summers to the mid winter rain.

Temperature steady

Temperature affects strain gauges and messes with the readings. Other spider, hub or crank based power meters use algorithms to compensate for these errors. But InfoCrank was built specifically to eliminate problems without relying on complex calculations. Every data point from InfoCrank is completely accurate and true, making it the best power meter for a road bike.

Super durable

Cycling pushes us to our limits, and we need our tools to go the distance with us. InfoCrank has all its electronics protected inside a high grade alloy crankset, making training with a power meter a breeze. What’s different about InfoCrank? It just works. Only every time.

Certified accurate

InfoCrank is the most accurate cycling watt meter. But you’ve heard that from every other bicycle power meter on the market, right? +/- 1% or +/- 2% doesn’t sound like a lot, but it’s a bit deeper than that. Unlike any other power meter, we have proven our accuracy through external certification to validate our claims. And, because InfoCrank doesn’t drift, it’s always as accurate as promised.

On any bike

Power meter cycling training will be seamless with an InfoCrank. In fact, there is no difference between the watts measured on one set of InfoCranks and another*. If you switch the InfoCrank between bikes, or you have one on each bike, the watts measured on both are the same watts. Accurate for the whole ride, every day. At Cyclemania we can fit and maintain your infocrank powermeter and advise on best options

*Lab tests during production have shown that each bike crankset is within 0.5% on average.

No data drift

Accuracy claims don’t usually take into consideration drift over time when cycle training with a power meter. Drift is when the power meter data is inaccurate due to temperature changes affecting the strain gauges. It can happen in one day, or over the course of a week or month. Power meters usually resolve this issue by re-zeroing before a ride, but that just indicates that the accuracy of your last ride had drifted. It was no longer accurate as claimed. Our new cycling power meters resolve drift by design and require no re-zeroing to keep the data accurate.

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Verve Cycling and British Cycling Announce Powerful Partnership

Manchester, UK, 26 November: Verve Cycling, the designer and manufacturer of the InfoCrank, has entered into a five-year relationship with British Cycling. The partnership is
designed to give Great Britain Cycling Team athletes across all Olympic disciplines the opportunity to ride with accurate power measurement capabilities.
The Great Britain Cycling Team will use the data that is available from the InfoCrank to continue to give them the edge as they strive to remain the worldʼs single most successful
cycling team.

Verve Cycling will also work with British Cyclingʼs cutting-edge coaching and sport science infrastructure to develop the InfoCrank product for those disciplines that do not yet have true power measurement.

Iain Dyer, Head Coach of the Great Britain Cycling Team, said:
“Accurate data will always make the difference when combined with all the other work that we do with our athletes and Verve Cycling has proven to be committed to achieving best in class
in this increasingly crucial area.
“We look forward to working with their team to develop new applications for those disciplines that do not yet have accurate power measurement, aiming to understand and apply all the information that we can gain from the InfoCrank, whilst continuing to look at the innovation of the product.
“We are also very pleased that our partnership will make the InfoCrank more available to members of British Cycling, at an exclusive rate, to support their own efforts to achieve the best performance possible.”

The full press relaese can be found HERE