Jul 18, 2013


COMPOSITE CLINIC – 8th Edition – taken from Giant Australia FACEBOOK

The hand crafting of each Giant Bicycles composite frame at their C-Tech Composite manufacturing facility is a labour intensive process, our Advanced Composite frames take about nine hours from start to finish. However, Advanced SL composite frames take twice as long (up to 18 hours) due to the addition of a third step to the moulding process – FUSION MOULDING

What does fusion moulding mean? You may have heard of the term “co-curing”. Giant’s process utilizes co-curing methods but in a very specific manner that is proprietary and unique. Fusion is used in only ONE section of the Advanced SL ISP frames; the Integrated Seat Post. The Integrated Seat Post is joined at the junction of the top-tube and the seat-tube by filament winding — essentially hand-weaving the two tubes together. This filament-wound area of the Integrated Seat Post is then re-moulded under heat and high pressure to unify the junction.

The result is a lighter, stronger junction, saving up to 150 grams. Other manufacturer’s frames might be dove-tailed here, where the top tube is butted into the seat tube and then glued and perhaps lugged, adding precious grams to the overall frame weight. Fusion is an expensive, labour-intensive process, adding significantly to the time required to construct an ISP frame but yield performance gains in ride quality and weight saving to the finished product.