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Jul 26, 2012


Wayne is in Europe for 3 months assisting Cameron in his training and management. There are a few videos and photos taken of their exploits. Wayne is his Manager through Lion Sports Management.

Here is the latest gallery of images from the end of July 2012 with Wayne motorpacing Cameron and Travis as well as a few of our exploring the wonderful scenery and trying to stay somewhat fit…

The first of the videos can be seen HERE



Hi Everyone

Today I got to ride in the team car for Cameron in Tour De Suisse Prologue. Well what a really cool experience and one to not forget too quickly. Cameron had spoken to me hours before the start and was happy to finish inside the top 20 riders if he rode well.

It started off pretty easy really, the car pulled up at the point where I get in. Then bikes started coming off the roof rack and Cam’s spares get put on. The next minute Neil Stephens gives me one of the other riders bikes and says “hold this mate” so I stand there holding the bike…………………for a while! Then Cam rolls up all ready to roll and I am still holding the bike while he and Neil discuss the final points on the course as it has dried up considerably. It goes something like this “ mate you can really lay it through that tight corner as it is dry and oh you should avoid the drain on the inside of that corner and swing wide through the tight uphill corner as you will go the long way round but carry more speed. Stay seated Cam as long as you can. Yep got it Neil!”

I was so proud of the way Cameron was relaxed and focused on the task ahead. All the boys I manage are cool under fire and it shows in their performance. It is very different from the weekend warriors we usually see running around nervous and going pee every second minute like me! Haha

Anyway its 4 mins to go till Cam rolls off the start line and I am still holding the bike. He rolls past and I slap him on the back, no words were necessary just calm support and encouragement.

Finally someone takes the bike and Neil drives off to keep up the order of cars, with some wheels still rolling along the side of the car haha. I kiss Melissa goodbye and we are finally down the start chute alongside Cameron.

Up on the start ramp they are already counting down for Cameron’s departure. 5,4,3,2,1, GO GO GO

It starts with a viscous uphill and cam finds himself a good rythym. He gets to the top of the intermediate checkpoint and he is only 11 seconds down on the fastest time so far. A good start! He looks composed and not going too hard but yet riding to within a few beats of his absolute maximum.

We top the hill and descend like demons trying to keep up with Cameron. He is flying with speeds in excess of 80km/hr on tight little roads. I am desperately trying to maintain my video of him through the front windscreen and all while I am rolling around the backseat!!

He nips the corners and tucks down as low as he can get to keep the centre of gravity low, so crucial to cornering quickly! We can see that he has almost caught his minute man from lampre!! Bloody hell he has made 1 minute on the bloke in less than 7.5 km! We enter the final corner at tremendous speed, I am thinking,” please don’t bloody well come off mate” Neil literally has the car screeching through that corner and slides it through opposite lock. Then comes the classic comment of the day. “ Did you like that Wayno?” “I did Neil” “ well all that noise of the tyres sqealing will give him adrenalin, gee him up a bit” bloody hell you reckon?

So we come to the end of the TT and Cameron placed 5th at that point. By the end of the day it was good enough to finish him in 15th. That is a very good start indeed as it is not his best course to suit his ability. He lies within a comfortable distance of the leading GC rider.

So we head off to the big mountain day tomorrow where we will see if Cameron can move up the leaderboard with a solid ride. The race finishes on the 17th. I will keep you posted. His goal is to try to finish inside of the top 10. After the Tour De Suisse ( which is one of the biggest races in the world ) he will have a little break for 5 days and we are headed to the costa brava to play golf and relax before heading into a very tough training block to prepare him for the tour of Spain ( 3rd biggest race in the world ). He has been told that he will be the main rider from Green Edge to race for a high place overall. This will be a new experience for Cameron and he will do his best to get some experience for the coming years when he hopefully become one of the leading contenders for the tour de france. That’s all a long way off but that is the plan.

Wayne Evans – Cyclemania Owner
Manager Plan B Racing Team

Lion Sports Management